Our Mission:


We work to close the youth skills gap and empower young people to pursue entrepreneurship as a way to solve the world's toughest problems.


Our Values

We empower the youth to pursue moonshot thinking as a method of problem-solving and propel Generation Z's aspiring creators and innovators towards economic mobility. Introducing non-intrusive experiential learning as a supplement to traditional academia lies central to our beliefs in helping youth become entrepreneurs and business leaders.

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Our Impact

Through our non-intrusive interdisciplinary curriculum, consisting of topics on design, computer science, and entrepreneurship, community betterment initiatives, events, and opportunities network have impacted a diverse group of students world-wide, we are on a journey to make experiential learning an accessible supplement to traditional academia. With a key goal of impacting 1 million students by 2020 through its own programs and partnerships, there is much work left to be done. 

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Students Impacted

ProjectileX has impacted over 120,000 students since its founding.



programs executed

ProjectileX has executed over 220 programs worldwide.



Readers of the journal

ProjectileX's publication, Youth Business Collective, has over 16,000 readers. 


Our Programs

ProjectileX's core tenet is that learning in business is done through doing, not just through lecture-based environments. We offer interdisciplinary curriculum, developed in collaboration with amazing partners such as Stanford's Design Institute, as well as events, social impact initiatives, and an opportunities network for students to go our and apply their learnings to innovating and creating.

Interdisciplinary curriculum

With the belief that in a world that is becoming increasingly digitized that business education can be improved tremendously when coupled with material on design and computer science, ProjectileX's curriculum is interdisciplinary.

Social Impact initiatives

It is important for our students to utilize their learnings towards giving back to their communities. Whether our students help to aid the homeless in learning skills in Microsoft Office and applying to jobs or empower women in business, ProjectileX is big on social impact.


Students need to understand the essence of networking in the business world. With traditional conferences having an astronomical price tag, ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars, they are often not affordable. ProjectileX brings accessibility to networking.

experiential learning

Having the educational resources in business, computer science, and design is effective in helping students develop into business leaders to some extent, but what is lacking in traditional business education is experiential learning. ProjectileX bridges this gap.


July 2018 

With the help of its Generation Z team and advisory board,ProjectileX is determined to deliver an impact to one million students by 2020.

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Get Involved

We're recruiting program leads for the 2018-2019 academic year! Ranging from requesting a program at your school or registering for an existing program for your local school district, to volunteering at one or more of our events and making a donation to help our team further our youth business initiative, there are several ways to get involved in the ProjectileX movement! 


Apply to become a program lead

Interested in leading a program at your high school, middle school, or elementary school? We're taking applications!

Volunteer opportunities

Interested in volunteering at one of our events or guest-speaking at a lecture session? Let us know.

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Passionate in enabling the youth and driving them towards economic mobility? Let us know you're open to partnering.