Our Story

ProjectileX is building a network of students, educators, executives, and policy-makers across the globe to push for a change that is not only student-run but also one that changes the perspective that people are "too young" to accomplish certain tasks and reach certain milestones. In today's world, over 200 million youth are unemployed, lending to a large wage gap. Our work is centered around the notion that business education, presented to students effectively, is a way for individuals to grow as scholars, as people, and as characters who are equipped to change the world for the better. 

Growing up in the Silicon Valley, our founders had access to internships at startups and labs, and it was evident that experiential learning is the best way to build solid fundamentals in industry. We hope to make educational and experiential opportunities available to students around the world, and for students who lack access to institutional education, we hope to propel youth towards economic mobility through our business curriculum.  

We started ProjectileX in April of 2016, with an intention to operate one program in Fremont, CA and one in Sacramento, CA. But after observing the impact our program has had on students, ProjectileX has since reached 216 schools across 15 countries, and we've done this with a board that is composed of only Generation Z'ers. Our goal is to make sure everyone has an opportunity to thrive and that no youth are left behind as we give our students a platform to commercialize their venture ideas. Our approach consists of:

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We utilize our student network to introduce our business curriculum to K12 schools across the globe.

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We run Youth Ignite, a Generation Z version of TechCrunch Disrupt, featuring prominent speakers, venture capitalists, among others.

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Community-Betterment Initiatives

We empower our students to give back to our communities through helping the homeless, empower women, etc.

Networking Events

We plan networking events for students to connect and network, creating a platform for students to interact and the possibility of working together in the future.

Digital Education

In order to reach schools in countries that have non-English-speaking students, we've create a digital platform, similar to Khan Academy, that utilizes captioning to get over that language barrier. 

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Utilizing the funds we've raised from sponsors, grants, and investors, we invest in youth ventures and pair students with mentors to help them make their project proposals into a real product or service.


~ An Experience

"I volunteered at ProjectileX's Sacramento summer camp that took place in S'2017. Though I've worked on many volunteering initiatives in the past, I felt that I was a part of something larger than myself, that I was helping to shape the future in a way that I had definite control over."

— David Song // Program Lead


~ To Remember...

"I was involved in ProjectileX's high school program as a part of Irvington High School's entrepreneurship club. ProjectileX was a great addition to our school curriculum as it pushed me to think deeper about what I was learning in class and how I could apply that towards creating my own business. "

—Brian Wang // Bay Area Co-Coordinator